Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Love at First Sight

I finally got the opportunity to hold little Caleb in my arms. What a sweet fellow he is. We did a lot of running around while we were out there in Colorado and he traveled well. He is 1 month old today and has grown quite a bit since the 25th when this was taken. Of course practically all he does is eat and sleep. However, I think he will follow his father and grandfather into the technical world. John said he has already asked for his own IPhone. Grandparents are known to spoil the grandchildren, but we tend to be more frugal. I guess he'll just have to save his allowance.

I have to be a little nostalgic and look back to the "old days" when grandparents lived near the grand children. I'd like to go back, but yikes I'd miss the computers. Suppose we will just have to stay as close as possible with Skype video.

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