Friday, March 5, 2010

Boy Oh Boy

This story began in May, when we first found out Beth was carrying her first baby. It was exciting news since she and John had been married about 7 years and had put off having one until after their stint in the Peace Corps and then until after he received his Master's degree.

It was wonderful to travel to Colorado to see the three of them and of course my camera was clicking almost non stop while we were there. John has been good to furnish me with photos, but taking them myself was delightful.

The layout is of our son John and their baby, Caleb.
John was a little older in his picture, but there seems to be a resemblance. As we know though, that can change day to day, particularly in the early months. I have always enjoyed seeing similar features or expressions in parents and their children. It would be fun to add grandparents to the mix, but in this case, I would hate to make a child think he or she may grow up to look like we do now. That could be traumatic.

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