Friday, December 30, 2011

American Girl Do

When Ashley got the American Girl doll Sadie, she found she really wanted Julie.  So now, a couple of years later, Julie has come to live with her. I'm hoping that Chelle makes the doll some clothes to match Ashley's soon so that Julie does not get jealous of Sadie who had several outfits like her 'mother'.    

Speaking of jealousy.  There is so much of it these days. It has been fed by class envy. It once was in America where one started out at a lower paying job and worked himself up to the top or as near the top as he or she could.  No on expected to finish school and step into the highest paying positions.  But that was in the past. Now many do not get work when they finish school because they expect more than anyone is willing to pay for beginners.  Then instead of working hard and showing their worth, they would rather follow mobs of other non satisfied people around the country complaining about their situation and condemning the 'rich' for not giving them what they want.  

It's a sad situation, one that has happened over and over in history.  When people's lives get so cushy that  they become spoiled and expect to be given all they want, the nation fails.  It always happens.

Trust in God for in him is peace...the peace that passes all understanding.

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  1. Sarah was her first doll (not American Girl). Then Samantha came along who was a passed down American Girl. Now she has Julie.

    Instead of Mommy making clothes, how about Gramma buys an outfit?