Friday, December 9, 2011

Holly Tree

Whether tree or scrub, I love holly.  We have a small bush that must not  like it's location, since it grows so very slowly.  This year, however, it did have a wonderful show of red berries.

When I saw this nice full tree on the Hagley museum property in Delaware, I had to have a picture.  No matter what time of year I see it, I think of Christmas.

Although holly was considered sacred by the Druids, it was thought to be a symbol of fertility and eternal life.
Christians adopted the use of  holly, but gave it new meaning. Today it is symbolic of Jesus Christ. The red berries remind us of the blood He shed on the cross. Legend has it that the berries were originally white, but they were stained forever with  His blood.  The sharp and pointed leaves now remind us of  the crown of thorns that was placed on our Lord's head.

Since this picture with the holly tree was taken the day after Thanksgiving, I thought  it would be a good layout for the might even make a fairly good Christmas card, which I have yet to design.  Guess I'd better either get with it or forego cards for this year. Sigh.