Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Party Hats

This is the most unique hat I've worn in a very long time...maybe in my lifetime. That is one of the pleasures of showing up at one of Phyllis' parties...the best of everything, including attire.
I was impressed by her ability to dress in animal print and Christmas at the very same time. She is quite talented.

You see that Jane does not have a special Holiday hat on in this picture; but tomorrow I hope to show that indeed she did have one...and that it looked quite good on her.

There was a 'gift exchange' that of those...lets get rid of something elephants. Someone actually brought a toilet seat.  Now that in itself would not be worthy of posting on a blog, any blog, except that at a party our daughter attended last week the same 'gift' was given.  This must be the year of the toilet seat.  Has anyone checked the Chinese calendar on that?

In a few days now when the Christmas festivities are over, I'll need to put on another hat...that of a T Partyer.  Then it will be on to the business of trying to wake those who have been in a deep sleep lulled by the voice and platitudes of this man: Jimmy Obama

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