Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas or Not

A few cays before Christmas our grand daughter Lauren, her friend Pat and some of his family members went to New York City. I'm guessing Christmas had something to do with it, if not just because that is when they got a break from college. I do have pictures of them with Christmas trees, which I'm sure are called Holiday trees in the city.  But here they are in Central Park .  Whether the trip was for Christmas, or not, I've mentioned.  However, the trip also threatened her Christmas celebration in Ohio because she and he both got the flu while there and had to return home 'spewing'. It took her a couple of days to recuperate and then her mother got sick as well. After two days for her, they were able to head this way, but Lauren made it only as far as West Virginia where her brother lives. We have not seen her since Thanksgiving. But we are thankful we saw her then.  April and Tim then drove here separately so that he could go back and do some work while she stayed a couple of days.  

As the flu threatened our celebration, Iran is threatening to close the Persian Gulf. I guess they are out to prove we are no longer a country of strength, but one of apology.   I pray to God that He will once again protect us from this evil.

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