Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Animal Prints

Today was the first day in weeks that I didn't feel pressed for time. So, I did some leisurely shopping...just looking really. After having lunch with Phyllis and Sali, I kept finding things that reminded me of them. The two things that made me pull out my camera may as well have Phyllis written all over them...for THEY WERE PHYLLIS.  First, at TJMAXX I saw these animal print butterflies. Then tonight while Ron and I were at Wayside Furniture searching for just the right chair for him, I had to sit on this Phyllis chair. I know at least 8 girls who will get a 'kick' out this picture.

Came across a book on Amazon that Phyllis and I would both like: You may as well.
365 Ways to Drive a Liberal Crazy by James Delingpole   

"Start every day off RIGHT! Try one of our 365 ways to drive a liberal (even more) crazy. Whether you quote from the Constitution (what, that old relic?) or point out the facts about global warming (as in, the planet has been steadily cooling for the past decade)—this is one sure-fire way to get under a lefty’s (thin) skin.