Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Drink the Hot Chocolate...Not the Kool-aid

This  little guy works hard on his skills. He has now learned to drink from an open cup without dripping his hot chocolate down his shirt.

I'd like to do all I can to encourage those growing up here in America, with hope for individual freedom and the opportunity to make the best of themselves.

However, we have those in high positions in the land  now telling our children they need to be socialists in order for our country to recover.

Our very own president made a speech in Oklahoma yesterday that could have been given by any number of socialists including mao tse tung, Kruschev, Stalin or Hitler.  For one thing, he said that a supply side economy has never worked anywhere in the world.  I wonder how one could explain all the many, many decades we were doing quite well before he and his radical comrades either took office or became Czars.  The sad thing is, many of the youth today have been so very brainwashed in our public schools which have rejected God and individual freedom.  They have been molded into brain numbed followers who march when they hear  the piper playing.

If you know any of these kids, keep trying. If we don't get through to them, this country is history and a brand new socialist state will arise and suffocate all business and freedom.  We who know history don't want to live in a police state.

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