Thursday, December 29, 2011


"Liberty is the only thing you cannot have unless you are willing to give it to others."- William Allen White

This statement is full of truth.  We all need to think about it these days when the world is full of those who, while doing what they please, complain about the slightest things they don't like others to do or say.  We were all given minds of our own, good for cooperating in some ways, yet individual.

I  got the quote in my inbox this morning along with my daily puzzle from I love these cryptograms and am hoping (probably beyond reason) that they will help keep my mind sharp as I age and age and age...oh so quickly now.

Izzy, our grand cat, has the liberty to climb in there family's Christmas tree. She didn't wait until it was fully decorated, but tested it out pretty soon after it was raised in the stand.  Since this was taken, she has been up there a few times and has actually broken at least one ornament.  But it seems, she is loved more than the other  baubles  that just hang there.  So she gets away with this contrary behavior. She is pretty cute in there.

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  1. She is a stinker! She has broken several ornaments. She likes the glass balls in particular. She would take them off the tree and throw them and then they would break!