Friday, October 18, 2013

Big Pumpkin

It is fall and pumpkins are plentiful. Caleb found his favorite a week ago.  Today he was building a snowman. 

One can expect severe weather shifts in CO. But with those strange weather variations, it is still a wonderful place to live. The sun is practically always looking down through a bright blue sky.

It was fair weather here today, but it looks like rain most of the day tomorrow. 

 Sitting by the lake in the sun and watching the seagulls and other wildlife help me keep my sanity these  days.  There is so much to trouble one...if his eyes are open and he accepts the fact that there are  those who are determined to bring us  under their control. They are organized and well on their way.  Glenn Beck points out the latest part of the plan he has uncovered  here: Do your children a favor and check it out.

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