Monday, October 21, 2013

No Way!

Why did he ever  even think he  could ride Caleb's bike? He is 6'2"! But there he goes.  

This made me laugh and I love that. I really needed it this evening.

Today was a terribly no good day for me. However, in the midst of it, I had to stop and think of my blessings.  I have all my limbs. I have food to eat and clothes to wear and a nice place to live. I love Ohio in the fall. I haven't completely lost my mind. I knew God would get me through this.  

A friend  told me of a pet doctor who was reasonable. I could tell that when I drove into the parking lot. It did not look like a spa...or vacation spot. But I need to go back for the story.

I could no longer fit the puppy in the cat's travel cage without her being scrunched up and panicky. So I put her in the back seat where I couldn't see what she was doing. That turned out to be okay, because she yelped the whole 30 minutes to the neighboring town. All along there was no sound on my GPS , unless it was drowned out by yelps, and I could only watch a dot on a map without street names. Oh what fun it is to ride in a car that doesn't know it's way. Finally, being a female, I stopped for directions...and found out the office was closed for lunch. No way! It was 2:30! I had another 1/2 hour to waste before we could see the doctor. The dog was slow to calm down, but finally did by the time we could go inside. Meanwhile I stood out in the cold wind with no jacket so that she could do any business she might want to do on the grass.  

Inside and speaking with the girls who worked there, things got worse. I had forgotten to take along her papers. Not that she is an alien, but I had been told they needed to see her health records...from the three  doctors who has seen her so far. They only had one opening for a spay and that was too late for her to recuperate for a driving trip we had planned some time ago.  And she couldn't be scheduled for that because it was first come, first served and she didn't have her papers. I would have to go back home, get the papers, then drive back there...another hour on the road. At least they wouldn't be at lunch then. But they couldn't guarantee that space would be still available when I returned. So being the mature lady that I am. I marched my puppy out to the car, put her in the back seat, got into the front seat. put my head on the steering wheel and cried. 

 I forget to say, I hadn't had anything to eat besides a soy drink for breakfast.

When I shamed myself into straightening out, I drove back home in heavy traffic with my sweet puppy bellyaching in the back seat. At least I knew my way. When I drove into my driveway, it was such a relief, even though I still hadn't accomplished the mission. She still didn't have that much needed appointment. In the garage, she began to settle down. But when I opened the back car door, I found she had thrown up everything she had eaten before 4:30.  

And this is nothing like the health care which is in a monumental mess with it's computer system.

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