Thursday, October 24, 2013

Rocky Mountains

Here stands Beth,  six months pregnant and smiling. I can imagine God smiled when he "birthed" these gorgeous mountains.  These peaks declare His handiwork.

The larger picture here looks three dimensional to me. Hope to see this in person some day. I'll have to put it on my bucket list.

Now if I can only stay healthy enough to make the trip.  It could get hard...especially  since the new
'miracle' healthcare is having such trouble. Can you imagine how it will be run, if they can't even  get a simple task like signing up for it accomplished in a reasonable amount of time?  Remember, all our health records will be on the national computer files.  And since many doctors are retiring rather than submit to inferior practices and others are not entering med schools, they will have to use nurses of some type to check the website for a could get even worse.  Of course we persons over 70, who are now considered 'units' may be in luck, if they can't find our files or they happen to confuse patients.  Just think how many John Smiths there might be in the registry. Instead of a cure for our problems, it is a big headache.

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