Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Let There Be Light

I didn't get hold of this picture made in June until recently. I love the light playing over Caleb as he sits under a structure on the playground.

As I look around this fallen world, knowing that much activity is saved for darkness these days...but  worse, things that should be done under the cover of night are sometimes being done blatantly in bright daylight.   I'm praying God will shine His light brightly and bring us to the light.

We are becoming a joke around the world these days as our president tries to snow others as he has the naive unlearned  at home.

A Repetitive 'Mind'

One commented to a friend, "you could walk in the pool of his ideas and never even get your feet wet".

This comes from Danish TV. It is embarrassing. This man cannot function without a script and/or teleprompter!

See what is on European TV here


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