Saturday, October 19, 2013

One of My Favorites

I spend a scandalous amount of time sitting here at the computer...mostly because I really enjoy the creativity it allows me. I've painted in oils and with color pencils and 'loved' them both; but I've dropped both for digital scrapbooking. Been at it for several years now and just occasionally  make a layout that just thrills my soul. I sit back and wonder how I ever came up with it. This one of Caleb and his dog and buddy, Rado, is an example of that. I started it one day last week and just gave it finishing touches today.

 I am blessed to get great pictures from my daughter-in-law, who uses her phone regularly to capture every day activities and special events. She took this picture one morning while Caleb was still in his pjs. It reeks of true love. 

Rado had been used to being an 'only child' for years. But he has adjusted quite well. He does love his boy, whom he just tolerated for some time.

There are some things that we must tolerate. One that is driving me to distraction is the Healthcare  website news. There just isn't a thing I can do about it.  I don't have to deal with it. Thank the Lord. But, I am feeling sorry for those who do...especially the people who have found their healthcare protection double in price...the same ones who couldn't afford it before. Now, it is even harder for them and they will be fined for failing to pay the cost.

I suppose they could just pretend they were like the government and borrow money to pay the fine.
Would you like to loan them the money? I don't suppose they would be able to find anyone who would be willing to loan them money.  

And there is the next thing that is bothering me right now. Soon, we won't be able to find anyone who is willing to lend us money, unless of course we put up collateral...maybe  the Statue of Liberty, or our oil fields.

It seems to me like one day I opened my eyes and we were being governed by a bunch of adolescents who had taken over the government as a big practical joke and everyone else was either ignoring them, while hoping they would just go away or were having a great time laughing as things got fouled up.

The world, that has already dealt with the socialists, is trying to warm us and we just won't listen.

So,  I fiddle with the computer.  If it weren't for my hope in God and his saving grace... 

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