Tuesday, October 29, 2013

VEX Robotic Competition

At three, Caleb is starting early. I'm not sure this really had anything to do with the robotic competition, but that is where he was and this was the task he was given.     Then he was given an opportunity to prepare it for hanging. He looks quite pleased; and he should be. I like what he did. It showed symmetry.

New information: Caleb was at the first ever NoCo Mini Maker Faire in Loveland, Colorado.

I pray as he grows and matures, he will have the opportunity to succeed as opposed to being schooled in what the state wants him to do and be...like in communist countries that have failed to  give their citizens a feeling of  worth. They have been taught to conform instead of  to do their best. 

We are heading in that direction under the current leadership. CORE is the beginning of the indoctrination. Please pay attention to what is happening in your children's schools, especially in the classrooms of those who have no way to know what they are being taught is senseless and destructive.

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