Friday, September 26, 2014

An Aussie Quip

Our grandson, Aussie, is quite humorous....I like to think he gets it through our side of the family. But perhaps there is more on his father's side.  Anyway, he gets off some good ones sometimes.  I decided to immortalize this one by making a layout.

I am encouraged by his quick wit.

I was also encouraged this evening when we went to see a movie with a good plot that was rated PG. It was "When the Game Stands Tall", based on a true story.  The coach was a good man who taught his team to be loving teammates, telling them that winning was not the most important thing.  I don't even like football, but the movie was so refreshing after all these years of seeing not much more than  trash that is supposed to entertain us. Instead  it make my blood pressure sore.

It is good to see something like that since it seems the whole world is going farther and farther astray. I am hoping and praying that those of us who stay true to our Lord will be like the remnant in the book of Isaiah that was saved in Israel.  We will truly rely on God.

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