Saturday, September 13, 2014

Doggie Heaven

Maggie does like her boat rides. But she hasn't had a lot of time this summer. Hopefully next year will not be as rainy, will not be as busy and more that anything else, we will still be free and we will be able to afford the frivolity.

It has been a big day here with Maggie. She came off a fast. After almost completely eating a t bone last night, she ate three portions of dry done food. She had been refusing it day after day.  She also endured two before her bath and one after.  She was actually good in the bath this time...first time ever. She seemed to enjoy the warm water and appreciate being bathed.  I was able to dry her without her running through the house splattering water everywhere and particularly drying herself on the sofa and bed as she generally tries to do. Even I was able to remain somewhat dry.

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