Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Trolley Ride

In case  you haven't noticed, I'm suffering from burn out at the computer. I've given up Words with Friends, even though I really enjoy it...because it takes too much time. I'm deleting some of my email...same reason. And now, I'm sloughing off the blog...same reason.  And there are more reasons I'm failing at blog right now. I'm tired by the time I get around to posting, so I'm not thinking clearly enough to write anything enlightening, or meaningful. My thoughts are all mostly running  in the same vein these days and no one is why say it again and again.

I would really like to say something uplifting and/ or useful , but I'm not qualified now. All I can think about are warnings. Like one I often use. Turn or Burn. Choose to follow God and do his will, or suffer the consequences.

Open God's word and read it. The few 'rules' he gives us are all for our own good.

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