Thursday, September 25, 2014

Life Expectancy

Not that this has anything to do with these darling pictures on my grand boys out west; but, Tonight I'd like to let you in on a title conversation some of my friends had today. One said, Isn't it sad how many of our elderly people are now suffering such dementia? It seems to have become so much more prevalent in the last ten years...kinda like autism has on the front end of life. What are we doing to our food and/or environments that we all seem to be getting so many of these serious diseases? Living longer I know is one of the things but I just don't remember so many old ppl having dementia so seriously as now. 
Someone at church told me a few weeks ago that it used to 1 in 10 women would get breast cancer, she said it is now 1 in 3! Can that be true? Is it too much sugar? Getting too fat? Diet soda? GMO's?  Did I do something that brought mine on? I know so many ppl would say yes, those things I listed are the causes and if you just didn't consume them or weren't so fat or exercised more then I wouldn't have gotten cancer. Problem is every time you hear these things we can point to a dozen women who are thin, exercise a lot, obviously don't eat sugar and don't eat the processed crap either yet they still got it. As well as so many really fat ppl with horrible diets that never develop any! Mystery yet 
I think our food supply isn't what it used to be also and of course the soil is depleted of essential minerals that it used to have.  I know we should buy organic whenever possible, and we can only do the best we can in that department.  I am convinced we should get away from foods that are processed and have too many ingredients.  It is a crap shoot as to how and why we get diseases, but we can help our bodies by exercising, eating organic, and taking supplements that boost our immune system!!!!unsolved. 

In light of this conversation we might want to Check out these life expectancy figures since 1900. You might  think we are doing something right, rather than wrong.

A shorter version: In 1900, it was 48.3. In 1998, it was 79.5.  In 2014, it is the same as in 1998.

They didn't even know how to diagnose some things back then, let alone treat them. 
The life expectancy in 2014 looks like some of the countries where the people live off the land have way lower life expectancy than we do here in the land of MacDonalds, Dunkin' Donuts, DQ and large cokes.
That said, I know there is one thing that is really hard on a person: overeating. It doesn't matter what. All things in moderation is what the Bible tells us...and I am a bad example right now. I've gained weight fairly fast and am feeling it in my joints. And my blood pressure is higher as well. That is a confession and a call for help at the same time. Anyone who sees this and feels that prayer is relevant, please pray for me as I try to get  a handle on this problem with gluttony. May God give me the strength I haven't been able to come up with on my own.

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