Thursday, September 11, 2014

Celebrating Senior Status

There comes a time when one must admit he or she is a senior citizen. Some of us dislike that more than others. It is a little jab at our  pride. We can still work hard. We can still keep up a busy pace. We still can... well we do hurt now and then...some of us always...but we keep going. We don't want anyone to think we are old.  Why??? Don't ask me.  But anyway, there we were in the midst of all the rest. We even had younger friends along for the ride. It was really fun. the scenery was great. The entertainment fantastic and we enjoyed just being together.

All of us are old enough to remember 9/11. WE WILL NEVER FORGET! 

I was getting ready to go to Ladies' class that Tuesday morning. The TV was on, as was the custom, since Ron would turn it on when he woke up and I didn't bother to turn it off until I left. I looked up to see a plane flying directly at the buildings. I said to myself, and a few minutes later when I called my husband, that was not an accident.  Ron had sold his airplane the year before, but I knew how difficult it would be to fly into the area...and then it hit the building. Naturally, we saw that plane hit over and over and over that week and for some time afterward. No! We will never forget all those who lost their lives and those whose lives were terribly  affected by losing friends and relatives, co-workers, resources.  And now under this administration we seem to be setting ducks just waiting to experience something like that, or worse again.

In the Bible we've seen cities of God's people crumble under the feet of ungodly people, because his people had left him and blended in with the world.

We must repent,turn and reunite  ourselves with Christ and his word. If we would, there would be no enemy who could touch us.

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