Monday, February 15, 2016

Could it really be mid February?

 The cliche 'seems like it was only yesterday' is something in my thoughts often now. That's the case with Christmas. We started decorating the day after Thanksgiving and it was only a couple of days until we  took it down, January first. I miss the look. I could keep it up all year and probably would still think it was just yesterday that we put it all out.

I left the snowman cup set out and a few other snowmen on the kitchen window sill, but the rest has been packed away for the summer...I suppose we'll be getting it out again next week...or at least it will feel that way. Valentine's Day has come and gone and now Easter is upon us, but first we have a few more birthdays this month. It will be Happy Birthday to our son-in-law Greg, our son Tim and then our son-in-law who is Tim as well.

March this year brings a celebration of birthdays that we didn't have time to celebrate the first two months. Everyone has been too busy. Then we are anxious for the birth of another granddaughter. I know it will seem like I just wrote this, when she is born.  I feel like I get up in the morning and in just a few minutes, it is time to bed down again, even though I don't get much done. They tell me it gets worse as you age, and I know that is true. But how can it get worse than now?  Maybe that is why some people get Alzheimers and other dementias or at least it seems they do. The words come after them so quickly that  they whiz right on through, past the eardrums and into tomorrow...

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