Wednesday, February 17, 2016

One Present

While I'm still thinking of Christmas, I need to show you a layout I just finished of Maggie and her one gift. She seems to enjoy the season, from the tree to people dropping in...whom she thinks come only to see her.

I had a hard time finding a present for her that was well made. There weren't as many options this year for some reason. I finally found a little plush duck. She had a great time just unwrapping it.  It was a good thing that she got $6 worth of fun with it, because when she finally got it free from the paper, she didn't seem to like the feel of it in her mouth.

This is a lot like people. We set our minds on something we just must have...maybe a friend has one, or we've seen it advertised...but when we finally save the money or buy it on credit, it really doesn't give us the pleasure we thought we'd we are on to getting something else.  Some of us are never satisfied. We really don't know what we are looking for to make us happy.

All I know is, whatever it is that you really want/need is not something physical you can hold in your hands. It is nothing you can touch.  What you really honestly need is a relationship. A true, loving, satisfying relationship.

And when you have that relationship with a person, you will still yearn for something else.

That is the time you need to explore. You need to find God. For he is the only one who can bring you real satisfaction in this life. He is the one who made you and he is the only one who knows exactly what you need.

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