Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Groomer and Pretty Girl

Although I don't always tell her, Maggie knows we are going to our local pet store when we get within 1/2 mile of it.  It is and it is not her favorite experience.  She loves to visit everyone there, workers and customers as well. But, she tugs at her leash like crazy when she suspects she is going to be groomed. It has not always been that way. She has not been hurt by the groomers, but she remembers the last time she was at the vet in the room next to the groomer. A cat was ahead of her and scared her badly. Actually, it scared everyone there. One would have thought that cat was dying and being dragged into hell by it's tail. It screamed bloody murder. It was LOUD! It even made cold chills run up my spine.

When Maggie figures out she is just getting groomed, she settles a bit.  This time, she was just getting her nails clipped, but she  wouldn't take her eyes off me. You can see that even when her back was turned, she watched me in the mirror as I took pictures.  

This is April, the lady who usually grooms her. She is very nice. We appreciate her kindness and attention to detail.

Still concentrating on the good things in my life,  namely: Maggie, the pet store, and the groomer, April. 

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