Sunday, February 21, 2016

Maggie Has the Key

Maggie has us wrapped around her paws; she has the key to our hearts. Sorry kids, but she is here with us all the  time and she just wiggled herself into our emotions. She is such a joy to us each day...just like you 'kids' were when you were little. 

Even though we had to punish you when you were wrong, so that you would grow up to be healthy, law abiding citizens, we thought  the little mischievous things you did were at times cute. That is the way we feel about her now. Of course it isn't even close to the same thing, but she is pure pleasure to us in our old age.

She is one of the things we should think about. Created by God to be a companion, a watch dog, a stress reliever. 

Thank you Lord for dogs.

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