Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love These Cookies

Oliver may as well get used to little girls, since he will soon have a baby sister. She is due in March.
This is Cora, a friend who goes to story time with him. They made a stop at the Little Bird Bake Shop on the way. Cora seems enamored by him, but I think he is more interested in the cookies.

Today has been a lovely, sunny, but snowy day. It was 1 degree when we left for church this morning and was up to 15 by the time we had finished lunch and headed home. 

Still thinking of good, admirable, positive things. Our youth minister spoke today. He is honorable. His sermon was truth. The singing was beautiful. The Lord's Supper (communion) was an excellent connection with Christ our savior, and God, who was there among us, is worthy of praise.  

We were all happy to touch base. And we had an opportunity we don't often have...the teens had a bake sale to earn money for their activities together. I bought some yummy cupcakes for our Life Group. All good!

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