Monday, February 8, 2016

Our Beautiful Leah

Leah's post on FaceBook, led me to check out Justin Bieber.  There are many definitions of good in the world today.

We've hit another snare in our discussion on 'good'. Even though I did not watch the Super Bowl last night, I was interested in who won, since our granddaughter here, lives in North Carolina and we have grandsons in Colorado.

I understand it was a 'good' game. Congratulations to the better team, the Denver Broncos.

Before the game, I watched a few of the commercials made just for the big game. Some fit the 'think of good things' bent of my blog. Some did not.  

The half  time show, part of which I saw on the internet, reminded me of what the people may have been doing when Moses descended the mountain with the 10 commandments in hand. Enough said.

Now I'm back to searching out the things of beauty, the things admirable in this world. 

By the way, one of the things of beauty is pictured above...Leah.

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