Monday, February 26, 2018

Abuelos Birthday

I figure some will ask me to explain this layout which is stranger than my usual work.  Well, those who were there at Abuelos, will have an idea about what this is, but  it still makes a weird layout. For the rest of you, this background was the wall between the men's and ladies' restrooms. Why, I do not know.

This was taken on the 11th of January. Phyllis birthday is January the 14th.

Today, this same group, minus Robin and  plus Paulette, celebrated the birthday of Sali, who turned (censored) on the 21st.  We will not announce the number of years, since I'm the oldest and all of a sudden am sensitive to age.  There is no layout  of that occasion yet. It will come later this week, hopefully.

May our good father in heaven, the God of Love watch over us and shelter us under this wing.

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