Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Best In a Long Time

I published another book yesterday. I'm using Shutterfly now that My Publisher was bought out and closed down by them. It was a rush to finish it in time to get a good discount. This is the introduction page for that book. I made it in a big hurry. Tonight when I decided to put it on the blog to describe our Christmas this past year, I realized there was a typo. Well it was too late for the book, so it will go to press with the word 'an' in place of the word and.  Since I was working with a jpg instead of a psd, I had to improvise a correction. I blotted out the 'an' and added the ampersand.

Anyway, I doubt if you can read it easily, if you are using a phone, so I'm copying it here:

Christmas More Than a Day

This year Christmas was much more than just a day, thanks to our son, Mark, who planned
that all would meet here for the holiday. It was a perfect gift for us to see them. Sadly, Tim was not able to come, but everyone else made an appearance at least one day during that time. Mark arrived first looking bedraggled because of his long trip. Ron didn't recognize him when he went to the airport to pick him up.  However by the next day, after some rest, he was just fine.

John and family arrived with their children on Christmas Eve, just in time for our candlelight service at church.  We especially enjoyed Christmas day, since there were a multitude of gifts under the tree and little grandchildren to open them.

Chelle and her children came to next day.  This was also a surprise to us. She sent the fortune cookie message she had just gotten and it said travel was in her immediate future. LOL That evening, they arrived.

During that week April and Kim also drove to see us.

It was our best Christmas since our youngest child, John left Ohio.

 The big deal is they all live in different states, the closest being 4 hours away and two came across the country to be here.  Mark alone from California and John with his family from Colorado.

By the way, as I retyped this onto this page, I found another typo. I inverted the r and s once while typing the word Christmas.

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