Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Quite a Guy

Since I used a very small font on the page, I'll repeat it here: Aussie is generally working on something, but occasionally  he comes up for air and we get to have some fun with him.
Here we are on December 29th, the day before they left to go home to Tennessee.

Aussie is quite a guy. Brilliant  and fun at the same time. I love his sense of humor, much like my dad's, so I really get it and like to play along.

It  has been a very busy week.  Monday, we drove to Toledo to meet our youngest son, John, who was in Detroit  on business, for dinner. After dinner he gave us the cremated remains of our  middle  son, Mark, whom I've told about lately here on the blog.  

As I told John, I wanted to hug him so badly. Since Mark's passing, I  have wanted to hug all of our kids. The last time I was with Mark in December, I didn't know it would be the very last time this side of heaven.  Even with all Mark's suffering, I just never thought of losing him. It is not something a parent wants to do ever.

I want all of our 'kids' to know I love them so much.

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