Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Snow and Child Safety

This is particularly a picture of our daughter, Chelle, in her cool new hat. I think she really needed it that day. See the snow on the road in front of her house? That is the most snow I can remember seeing in Nashville all four winters I was there in college. If you are a northerner, or Yankee to least at the time I was there, you would not want to be on those roads. It is not so much that they haven't been plowed  nor have salt on them, but mainly because the people have NO IDEA how to drive when it is like that. NONE! At least most of their drivers are like that. I, for example could get around on that, but I would be hit by someone else. Of course they do have a very serious problem with ice there with generally higher temperatures there than here.

It is fairly warm here now. the high was 59 and they are forecasting 51 tomorrow with guess what coming on Friday!  Winter is not done yet, here anyway.

By the way, I always admire everyone's hats for cold weather, yet never wear one myself.

Children love to play in the snow; but I found out something tonight that would make our children unsafe at school.

While watching TV, I heard this:

Delaware Schools Push to Allow Kids to Choose Their Own Race, Gender Without Parental Knowledge

Yes, so I've been reading online to find all the facts and am REALLY APPALLED by what I've read.

These are not just teenagers, which is bad enough, but very young children as young as 5. There are many ramifications. 

I understand this has not yet been passed in Delaware...but if it is, it will be the 17th state (plus Washington DC)  to do this.  

If you have children or grand children, you must check this out. We must not sit quietly and let this happen to our children.

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