Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Here Comes Santa

I know I should move on from Christmas, but that is all I've been scrapbooking since then that special day. I have finished now with that, but I haven't accomplished anything much at all in the last few far as scrapbooking goes. Looks like tomorrow will be another busy day. Hopefully though, tomorrow night I will be able to post a most recent layout.

Anyway, I really do like this photo of Ron, whom several call Santa. One of the ladies at church just told him Sunday that she had told one of the children there that he was Santa, the REAL Santa. The child asked her if he really was the real Santa, and she whispered, yes, but don't tell anyone.  So, I imagine all the kids at church have heard it by now.

I really need to get him a Santa Claus outfit before next Christmas.

We need to get involved with our children, NOW.  We need to know what they are doing and with whom. We have left raising them to strangers for way too long. They do not learn to respect anyone in  authority, because so many have not even been taught to respect their own parents and to obey.

Obedience has become a thing of the past. We've kowtowed to our children much too long. We have not disciplined them at all, but handed them everything on a golden platter. WE have caused this mess. Now we must be the ones to correct the situation. It won't be easy. We must have God's help.

Please pray that God will lead us to a solution for the school shootings, so that we can once again feel comfortable sending our children out the door in the mornings.

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