Tuesday, August 28, 2018

51st Anniversary

Our 51st anniversary was  two days ago. It was a very busy Sunday. We had church in the morning. We went home and I can't even remember what we ate, since  I had to buy fruit for a fruit  salad in the evening.  Our fruit market had been closed all day on Saturday due to the death or the owner's daughter. 

It so happens the church had scheduled a cook off on our anniversary. So that is what we did.

During dinner we sat at a picnic table with a very impressive camera there on the table near us. I was pretty sure who it belonged to and I was right. Not long before we had decided to leave for home, our friend Rob came to get his camera. We were talking about it when I thought, Here's a camera and a  photographer, what is keeping us from having a good picture made on our anniversary? Of course we were not dressed for it, but I couldn't fight it, I just burst out with a request.  "Rob, It is our 51st anniversary today. Could you take our picture? "  And he graciously did. He looked around and found the  perfect spot about 50 yards away and he snapped this wonderful photo of us. It is very sharp, so much better than the pics we've been making with our iPhones.

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