Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Water Slide

We bought a blow up water slide last summer and happily it still blows up...that's what looks like happened when Caleb flew across the yard and jumped on the slide. When he hit the bottom...well see for yourself. Big Time Flash Zone. So glad it was captured  and sent to the the cloud. Actually I can't remember who took the  picture. It may not be flying around in space somewhere.

What do you all think of your pictures out on their own without your  supervision? It kind of gives me the creeps. If anyone would have told me this would happen 50 years ago, I wouldn't even understand what they were saying. In reality, I don't really understand now. I just  know that they are out there on their own as far as I am concerned. Even the ones  when I accidentally snap the floor of a restaurant while I'm eating. One can delete pictures like that from their photos...but they are still in the cloud. It is shear craziness.

And now we have new G5 technology that I do not understand completely even though it was explained to me.

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