Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Days and Nights Mixed Up

The triplets turned 16 on the 27th of July.  This picture was taken on July 2nd.  Aussie is not here, but he was in bed  sound asleep when I took the shot. I wasn't much help.  The best time  for us to play our favorite tile game, Rummy-O  is around midnight.

About a week and 1/2 ago, school started and hopefully they have gotten back in the habit of getting up in the morning and sleeping at night...at least for the most part.

Of course, I, the Gramma am still on a 'free' schedule... Free of the obligation to arise early and shine through the day. Tonight for example, I will be up until 1:00 AM.  We had guests during the Tucker Carlson show at 8:00, so I missed it. Luckily, his program runs again at midnight; so since it is my favorite show,  I am staying up to see it. I did the same last night.  And yes, that means that this afternoon  I took a nap and I hope  to do the same thing  tomorrow.  No, I'm not a good example.

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