Friday, August 31, 2018

Mike's Place

With so many irons in the fire and books on the computer, I'm running behind. It so happens that my computer is so jam packed with goodness that I have to have ANOTHER extra hard drive to handle it  all. I has slowed down to a snail's pace. 

I've been looking through my layouts  to find something interesting we've done recently.  I  found something, however the page was just started. It needs some work that I'm not up to doing tonight. So, I'm letting you see my rough draft so to speak.

A couple of weeks ago, we joined two other couples for dinner at a crazy fun place in Kent called, Mike's Place. The food was fine, but  the place itself  is quite entertaining. It has a diverse following, which can be seen in some of the many pictures  I took that evening.  The owner is quite a guy. Funny and captivating in his style and comments which can be seen in the collection of out of the ordinary and historical items he has cluttered around the place everywhere...on the walls, ceilings, outside...everywhere. He's made use of every inch of space. It is a place which you have to SEE. Order, get up and look around! The wait staff will  pleasantly dodge you as you do.  

I have more pictures that I will share at another time. Tonight I just have a picture of my husband, Ron out front. There are some of my notes to go along with it, but very difficult to read at this point in the design.

Tonight we attended a funeral of a fellow who was almost young enough to be our son. I would say it was sad,  but  really it was more of a celebration...a graduation. He worked a long day doing what he does best and enjoying it. He went home, had dinner and went to bed. In the morning he was found dead. Sad in many ways, but he died in his sleep. That is the way I would like to go when the Lord is ready for me.  And he has gone to be with our Father in heaven.  He ran  the race and finished the course. His life on earth is no more. No more sickness, tears or sorrows. All is glorious up there.

The older we get, the more frequently we attend funerals. It is always easier to go to one where we know the person has been accepted into the arms of God. 

Live in a way that will make it easy for your loved ones to feel confident that you have really gone HOME.   It will be better than any gift you could ever  give them.

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