Saturday, August 4, 2018

Of ORU Importance

I suspect  I need my eyes examined. Lately when I check into this section of the blog where I form my post, it is blurry.  I really don't understand that since it looks all right in my files and on photoshop where  I develop  the  pages.  Of course at my age, I shouldn't be surprised. It could also be a blessing. I really don't like to look at myself at this stage of the game. 

Now, this photo was taken July 20, I believe, I just saw this afternoon that I hadn't scrapbooked it yet. I do have lots of pictures taken before that date that I've done nothing with as yet, but this is ORU.  It takes priority. I  want to keep a running history of ORU. If you knew us, you would understand why that is; otherwise, just try to think about the most important people in our world today...that is us.  Oh, and modest as well. LOL

We try to celebrate our birthdays as a group...we don't get enough 'cake' otherwise.  This time we went to the Cheesecake Factory in Legacy Village.

We have expanded somewhat, in more ways than one. We have a new member. Actually, she was a member at one time and we let her drop out. She is back...just couldn't stay away. Her name is Becky and she is at the end on your left.

We welcomed Becky and celebrated the birthdays of Jane and Paulette. We would have two other birthdays to celebrate, but one is now part of the Texas branch of  ORU. Her name is Kalai. And our wintertime Florida darling fooled us this year and stayed there. As I write this, she, Robin is on her way home to Ohio.  We missed her and she missed our celebration.

Of course now, we have another excuse to eat cake...and we need to schedule a belated party!

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