Sunday, June 19, 2011

50 Years

Our reunion is now over.  It's been fun. It's been interesting...Many of us have done things we never dreamed while running around in our saddle oxfords or DAs.   Computers were not on the scene.  As a matter of fact, my husband was in on the ground floor of that whole thing...started out wiring (whatever that was) and later punching cards.  One fellow managed an alligator farm.  Another was a commercial fisherman, which would not be so surprising had he not had a doctorate from Cornell.  We have a beltway bandit, an archivist from the Smithsonian, a non-profit CEO and business owners, to name a few.

As much as I like to travel, some have been to places I never want to go. Others have spent years abroad. Their homes are scattered over the states and Canada.  It has been a treat hearing their stories of where, when and why they have moved, some retaining their midwest speech patterns and others adopting the twangs, or whatever of their present localities. 

Friday evening we met for drinks and conversation. We were introduced to strangers really, people so different from those who walked the halls of our high school and even though quite a few came alone, we met many  spouses or other guests. It was an adventure.

Saturday, many went to the local golf course to swing their clubs around, hoping to score low while the rest of us were boating on the lakes.  Our pontoon was one of those taken out, decorated with signs of 1961 and blue and yellow (gold) balloons.  

Last night we met at Anthe's Prime for dinner and a short program...and more introductions and stories.

Today we came together for one last time at Dietz's for brunch.  Even though  it threatened rain with a few drops as we entered, the sun immediately came out bright and we sat outdoors under sun umbrellas for quite some time before we pulled up stakes and moved on...back to our aged lives, where we'll keep the memories of this weekend for some time.

It had been a long time since many of us had seen others from our class. We certainly have not remained 18!  Since we've watched ourselves gradually change, we have adjusted to the aging of our faces and bodies, but I must admit, it was quite a shock to see some of the others look so different from what I had stored in my head.  I'm sure they were just as surprised by me.  But then, it is something we must accept.  All the money in the world could not make us look and feel like a teenager again. 

By this age, we are what we are ...period.  

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