Sunday, June 26, 2011

Photographers Welcome

Even though I constantly carry at least a point and shoot, sometimes I just plain fail to get the pictures I need to take. At a time like that I value those who bring their  cameras along  on an adventure.
Yesterday we had two extra cameras.  Hank and Al both took some shots and best of all, Al emailed his to me in time to get some on the blog last night. Since I didn't have time to do a layout then, I've done it today and you can now see it on last night's blog. It had a picture of us girls and a couple of shots of craziness on the lake.  Tonight, I'm showing you a picture I made of the guys and doll (Molly).  I haven't yet seen Hank's pictures.  Will I?  Only Hank knows the answer. 

But I bet he doesn't know the answer to this question.  (If you do, Hank, please let me know.) 
Who will be the Republican nominee for president?  I've been studying this issue and am about to decide whom I would like to see in that spot. I think I have the answer. I'm very pleased by two who are not officially candidates at this time, but I am looking forward to seeing at least one of those two declare candidacy. Boy will I be excited for our country if it indeed works out the way I'm leaning! 

 I was beginning  to fear there was no hope, since Romney (whom I love as a person, speaker and businessman) has made too many serious mistakes as governor and candidate.  We don't want anyone who thinks he has to appeal to the left. I see all of us who vote for the best candidate and not the party, leaning toward the one who can bring our country back from the brink of disaster with a  good fiscal policy instead of tax, tax, tax  and spend, spend, spend. We need someone who is not afraid to tell the truth.

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