Saturday, September 8, 2012

Beautiful Granddaughter

Guess I won't have to tell you how pretty our granddaughter Lauren is.  She has a gorgeous smile and a beauty that is more than skin deep.  It runs to her heart.  

We want the best for Lauren. It won't be long until she finishes college and we are hoping to get the government back in shape and our economy stoked again before she graduates, so she won't be like the  majority of recent  grads who are now laying on their backs in their parent's homes staring at faded pictures of Obama and wondering what happened to his visions of hope and change.  

We know socialism isn't the answer. It has never worked and never will.  There is not incentive to work.
We have seen first hand how people in those societies forget how to work over years of being told  what to do and not do.  Give us freedom and we will make the jobs for our young as well as for anyone else who wants to put forth some effort.

A dream is just that...until it becomes a nightmare.  That's what we have now. Unemployment is getting  worse. We admit to 8.1 % which is terrible...but in reality it is much least 11% when you count all the people who have just quit trying to find employment. And isn't it right to count all unemployed, not just those who are still eligible for unemployment benefits?

Pray for our nation. Pray that the youth will think for themselves and not be led around by the nose,
by a government that wants to subjugate them. 

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