Thursday, September 13, 2012

Legoland Girls

Looks like these cute girls have just crashed the party. They are enjoying Legoland.

May God save this great country for young people like these sweet girls.

I've made an important decision. Why don't we just say we are sorry that we are a great Christian nation and that we hope to be  a poor Muslim nation just like Egypt or Yemen, so that they will like us and be good to us?

Oh, wait, we already did that and looks like it didn't work.  Can you believe that? They don't want to play fair!

 Looks like we need to bring  Ronald Reagan back. Or could it be that the Republicans already have a man with common sense on the ballot?


  1. Atually they are at Lego League. Highly educational team that meets once a week on Thursday nights. They have to do research and reports and then the fun part is they have to build and program a Lego robot that will run a specific course. Once a year (my kids haven't done this yet) there is a big competition, I think in Memphis. They will take their robot there and compete against several teams. You can look more up about Mindstorms on the internet. I would love to get the kids one for a holiday present but they are pricey. Cheapest I think is around $300.

  2. Oh that is really good. I didn't know the boys were there. That is a great exercise of the mind. Love it! What is $300?