Monday, September 17, 2012

Letter School

It  spite of all the trouble we are having getting our young people educated, there are some really good things out there to help them at home when the schools fail to do their job.  And of course you can do these things on your own timing as well.  

Caleb is two and he is using an APP called Letter School on his mom's phone. It helps him learn to write his numerals. There is a race car which runs on a path.  I'm not sure how it works, but I watched him trace the letters with his finger.  The serious look on his face shows what a hard worker he is.  He really concentrates when he is learning something new.

I saw the following on Face Book today. It is a good reminder because many of us get caught up in Political Correctness or just plain public opinion. 

"Majority opinion is not an accurate measurement of what is right or what is wrong. Truth can't be measured by numbers. In our search for what is right or wrong, we usually start off with 'what does the majority say', 'what do my friends say', 'what do the experts say'...get the truth the Bible and find out what God says."

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