Monday, September 24, 2012

Who says you can't have cool hair at 70?  This is the layout I promised. Proof that Ron is not too old to have fun.  Lots of people had a good laugh over this bright hair. Click and read about the young couple we met at a drive in restaurant.

I must have some fun. I refuse to be down over  the stupid polls  coming out daily saying that citizens  of our country are completely ignorant.  I can't make myself believe it.  Yes, I know our schools have been teaching socialism for decades now. They have also been playing down God in all the media as well as at school. But does no one see what is happening to the economy?  Even if one is on food stamps, he/she can tell that every week he/she can get less for what he/she has to spend.  Prices are going up almost daily and the government is telling us there is no inflation.  Duh.  Of course some probably don't know what inflation is...and they will be voting!  They also want to believe any lie they hear from the one who is paying for their telephones.  Boy, I know I'm hitting low, but WAKE UP AMERICA!

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