Friday, September 14, 2012

Family at the Beach

I'm sure it is still nice at the beach, even though the weather has cooled somewhat here in Ohio. 
This picture was taken last summer, 2011, on the Atlantic. It is a family shot, April's family. It's wonderful that they can be together at times.  I don't have  a picture from this yea and of course the kids are bigger now. By next year, the little ones will be looking forward to these vacations with their cousins.

Well that is the light side of the blog tonight.  On a more serious subject, is Oamacare. The plan calls for cuts to hospitals in order to finance our president's healthcare that we the people do not want.

While the liberals are promising to protect Medicare as we've known it, in order to get votes in November, they have ushered in a healthcare system that right off the bat takes $716 billion from Medicare for it's own support.  Don't be fooled. It doesn't make any sense at all to think that hospitals, which will lose that money, will still be able to care for the seniors the same way they always have...especially since everything is more expensive now that Obama has caused  inflation to hit us hard.
It would be difficult to pretend that many of our old folk will not die each year for lack of care.

For some reason  tonight, I'm getting 'access denied' on every website to which I try to guide you. So, I guess, if you are interested, you might just have to google Betsy McCaughey/ Fox seniors and healthcare.  I love the internet, but hate it when it gives me trouble. 

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