Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Biggest Smile

Caleb is the shortest child, with the biggest smile.

Super Bowl Sunday does nothing for me. I don't like spectator sports. I'd rather do than watch any day. This year all I knew was the names of the two teams, one from San Francisco and one from Baltimore. Ones name is the 49ers and the other is the Orioles, no that is a baseball team, I think. Oh, it is the Ravens. I don't know which city has which name.

But I did get a big smile on my face when I heard that the  commercial for the Dodge Ram starred, a fine radio announcer from the past, Paul Harvey. What a beautiful comforting voice he had.  It was his, 'So God Made a Farmer' speech. If you missed it or would like to relive these moments, you can find it here courtesy of CBS.

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