Monday, February 18, 2013

Denver Zoo

You can't beat a trip to the zoo...especially if you are three years old. Wish I could have been there to share it with them, but am happy to get pictures. Caleb seemed to enjoy his time there. Here he is getting a good lesson about the size of a polar bear.  They certainly are not the size of those at Build a Bear.

There is so much to learn, but Caleb is well on his way. He doesn't miss a thing.  His mom and dad  are serious about seeing to it that he experiences as much as possible.

It is sad to see so many children  in our own country who grow up with very limited views because they do not get these lessons.  We should do all we can to make sure our populace is better educated than they have been these last 30 or more years. Public schools, for the most part, have failed. And today, the students are truly undereducated  for the world in which they must live. In many areas, they are seriously dumbed down. History has been rewritten.  Even some math has become guesswork instead of  facts. Our literature has been polluted by inappropriate trash. Grammar, spelling and handwriting may as well not be taught at all. It is not being learned.   

If after reading this, you do not believe it, either your children  and/or grandchildren are exceptional, or you are not paying enough attention.

I suggest that we all investigate what is being taught in  our schools. And don't just listen to the flowery words that come from the NEA. They are part of the problem.  I'm not willing to put all the blame on the schools, because there are many problems with absentee parents as well. There is also the problem of parents who want to believe that their own children are saints and can do no wrong. They do not support any discipline from the school, what little they are allowed to administer.

Oh my. I'm sorry. I'm really sounding negative tonight.  Forgive me...but at the same time, plug in and know what is going on in your child's school. If you find that I am wrong. I would really like to know.

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