Sunday, February 17, 2013

Playhouse Square

If you enlarge the layout, you can read that we enjoyed Les Miserables a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't made a layout because I failed to get pictures that night. That is starting to be a problem for me.  Whereas in the past I took way too many pictures, I am becoming lazy and either depending on others to snap their shutters or not even thinking of photos. I really need to set my priorities if I am to continue keeping a history of the family.

I am in the midst of studying what is most important in my life. I suppose age does that to a person.  Whereas I would have said all along that my relationship to God was my highest priority, I have found that some would say that I spend more time thinking about the state of our nation.  Now that is not what I want to project. God is all I need. If ever anything gets more attention than God, I will be shirking my duty as a child of the heavenly father.

That said, I am still quite alarmed with the way things are being handled in our nation. I will do what I can to educate those who are ignorant. I will still accept the beliefs of those who disagree with me and have reasons other than a blind sheeplike faith in politicians or the media.

I know that our God is in control and that if we turn from our wicked ways, he will save our nation. He said so himself in His Holy Book.

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