Monday, February 11, 2013

Draft This Man

It is winter in Colorado.  The marsh in John and Beth's neighborhood is frozen. Caleb needed to learn to navigate on it. After a little practice with his dad, he did it.  Now he has sure feet on the ice.  I guess the skates will come next. I can envision a game of ice hockey out there in the future.

I am also envisioning a new direction for our country, if we can get Dr. Benjamin Carson to run for president. Not sure how we would go about this. He is an accomplished brain surgeon.

You will do yourself a favor, if you will take a little time to hear his speech at the National Prayer Breakfast this year. He first tells about his childhood, the direction he was heading and the path of correction he took which got him into and through medical school. You will be impressed. I was.

  Dr. Benjamin Carson of John Hopkins made quite a hit with his speech.  You have probably heard about it. You will be duly impressed by his knowledge and ability to say what he believes without noticeable fear.   Watch it here .

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