Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Colllege Degree

Perhaps I should change the blog to The Adventures of Caleb. What is it now? One week of Caleb layouts? Well anyway, I'm trying to catch up with the pictures...had planned to put four layouts on tonight to complete the Build a Bear Saga.  However, I'm working too slowly these days.

Tomorrow will be another Caleb day. Maybe I'll finish  these before he goes off to college.

And speaking of college. Have you see the latest statistics on college degrees?  They involve some sad numbers...for example 115,000 janitors have college degrees. No, a degree is not required now for that job.  But so many people are getting degrees these days that there are not enough jobs open for those with diplomas.

I have my theories about encouraging practically everyone to go to college, but  it would require a much longer blog tonight than I am willing to write. It would affect my quality of life to push myself to expound upon  my treatise that not all should grace the doors of universities. A real fact is...not everyone should go to college. There are many careers that are necessary to provide services and do not necessitate higher education. We are unwisely pushing too many people into higher education. And as we all know,  a bachelors degree is a very expensive thing to waste.

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