Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cabin Fever... No Way

When Ron needed to finish installing and adapting my computer, it took days...weeks.

Now, I really wasn't feeling like cleaning...especially after all the exercises I was doing each day in Physical Therapy for my legs.  

I could have gotten cabin fever, had it not been that I'd been trying to stock up on puzzles 'for such a time as this'.   Over a period of three weeks, I did two puzzles.  Not that they took me that long to do. But, I had to go easy because my legs and back suffered from standing over the table searching for the matching pieces for any length of time.  Even with the pain, I did enjoy having the time free to work on two puzzles and that was one more jig saw than I usually do during the winter.

Now that the computer is operating well, I'm trying to catch up on layouts, but am spending way too much time on emails, FaceBook, Words with Friends and keeping up with the presidential campaign.

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