Friday, January 29, 2016

Neighbor Isaiah

At Halloween the triplets met a family in their neighborhood, whose children they had not known. Isaiah is the same age as Aussie, Ashley and Mason. They are enjoying one another's company.

Isaiah has a younger brother, Micah, who visits as well.

Here, Ashley and Isaiah see who can balance on the yoga ball the longest. Then all the kids played  Super Smash Brothers on the Wii.

Still trying to think pleasant thoughts. It is good to see these kids at home playing and their mother there as well. Family life is important in teaching kids values.

It has been a struggle to stay positive this week with the Republican debate, which I really need to watch in order to know how I should vote when the time comes. Some candidates are very rude and  it makes a debate downright hard to watch. However, this time, the one who is the worst offender didn't show up to debate. It helped. There was much more talk of the issues, but it still had down and dirty moments.

I pray that we all seek God's mercy and that He makes us able to know which candidate fit's His good and perfect will the best.

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